“Don’t Look Back” my first novel – I have just completed the first draft and feel amazing that it has finally found it’s way out of my heart.

Katherine Jacobs heads back to her hometown in England from Los Angles for a whirlwind, extended weekend to surprise her oldest and dearest friend Diana, who is turning forty. Katie is not the only surprise guest at the birthday party, and tensions mount when she finds herself face to face with her first love, Matthew “Sully” Sullivan. Once upon a time they had shared adolescent dreams of spending their lives together, but fate had dealt them both very different cards and they inexplicably vanished from each other’s lives twenty two years ago, leaving questioned unanswered, and old wounds unable to heal. Both now living on different continents, married with their own lives, they find themselves in a challenging predicament. The story revisits their past, wanders present day through the streets of London, and travels deep into corners of their souls.


Author: nicolagraham84

British by birth, wife, mother of two living in So. Cal. Loves to write poetry, and Don't Look Back her first adult romance is out now.

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